About Dr. Michael Tucker


I chose to name the form or method of health care I provide as Reorganizational Chiropractic Care. This name is influenced by Reorganizational Healing as made distinct by a Chiropractor, Dr Donald Epstein who founded Network Spinal Analysis (N.S.A.). Reorganizational Healing helps to self organize new and unique responses that bring awareness and integration after trauma, stress or illness. This is in contrast to Restorative Healing that helps us return to the comfort before a trauma, stress or illness but may not provide growth or reorganization of new strategies.
Prior to moving to my new home of Victoria I used the method of Network Spinal Analysis for twelve years in a busy Ottawa practice. This time helped me recognize some basic patterns of stress and distortion that exists in all of us in our own individual way. ┬áBy knowing these misalignment patterns or habits in the body structure allows me to know where a person’s body alignment is most open and responsive to adjustment. By recognizing patterns of stress or energy bound up in our own individual way I can helps people release the physical defense and tension in a non judgmental way. By 12 years of analysis of these basic distortion patterns I can bring mindfulness and awareness to the mind or nervous system that is interwoven with the body.

Before working with the more integrated or holistic method of NSA I owned a more traditional Chiropractic office for 14 years in a small rural town outside Ottawa. At this office I used physical corrective Chiropractic methods to manage musculoskeletal pain, headaches and many medical conditions. Experience with diversified chiropractic techniques has given me knowledge of modern assessment methods, precision with biomechanical correction and realistic management of pain.
As I move into my 27th year of natural health care practice I am integrating corrective structural balancing with gentle release of unconscious underlying tension and also making use of more recent training in mindful bodywork and wellness. This flexible approach to the individual helps select the optimum time to use a technique or method, to choose the unique force to help people recieve lasting correction and to find an individual schedule that will enhance wellbeing.