Align Your Nervous SystemProviding simple ways to align the most complex structure in the universe

We can divide the nervous system into billions of neurons or hundreds of functional parts or more simply into three basic parts that work in harmony. When these three parts are aligned and integrated with our structure and lives we embody alignment and integration. 

The part of the nervous system that helps control our structure  uses millions of miles of nerves to balance our structure. This part of the nervous system can alert us of danger and when we are safe to have fun.     (see the first diagram)

The emotional or limbic part of our nervous system uses powerful neuropeptides and their receptors to help motivate us. The limbic part of us uses fear, anger, sadness and joy to motivate us. The emotional part of the nervous system puts us in motion and gives us new behaviours when it is aligned with the other parts    (see the second diagram)

The more mental thought provoking part of our nervous system uses constantly shifting nerural networks to unhook from the past and be responsive to our present choices and purpose. When this part of the nervous is aligned we have clear choice in our lifestyle    (see the third diagram)


We can  help the nervous system relax and focus naturally to align and balance our structure.

The nervous system controls and coordinates our strength and flexibility to meet the challenges of our environment.



We can help our nervous system become aware of unconscious tension and adapt strategies to release accumulated tension.

A transformed nervous system that does not accumulate tension is present to contain immediate stress.


diagram9b (2)                       My goal is to help us make better choices by bringing awareness to our bodies’ sensations.

An aligned nervous system is natural and relaxed, free from unconscious emotion and aware of our present direction and purpose.

I found experienced guidance through a very painful and frightening situation. I was able to let go of root causes of my past and future pain and most importantly of my present pain.

– Mary Parker