Transform Your StressSimple methods to let go of tension in our mind and body


Diagram - Key

A balanced and healthy transformation of stress requires a flow or motion of emotion. A thought or event triggers fear. The energy of the fear can build and focus as anger. When we transform naturally our anger releases and sadness emerges. If we accept the sadness and the sadness of others then compassion grows. This compassion may allow a joy to awaken. Again fear will happen and if we remain free and balanced mentally and physically the emotion flows in a natural flowing process.

When stress builds to distress and the emotional energy that is not moving or not flowing will end up being held in out body. Fear can be held as anxiety and defended with restricted breathe. Anger cam be held as frustration and muscle tension. Sadness can be held as depression and scatter our nervous system. Compassion can be constricted or held as pity and overwhelm our body. Holding or hooking to joy creates addictive or compulsive behaviour.

Dr. Michael Tucker DC can help us keep stress moving and transforming. We can bring awareness to the paralysis of fear and anxiety we hold. We can help people connect and release the agitation of anger. We can help the low energy of sadness by helping people experience where their exhaustion is stored in their body. We can help the overwhelm of compassion by providing an experienced perspective. We can help the difficulty of letting fo of joy go by helping us stay present in our bodies.

I was lost, confused and running all over the place patching up my spine. I got straight forward, clear and balanced direction from Dr Michael.

– Dawn Cressman