Would it be important to believe in what you do or do I need to understand the care I receive?

You do not need to believe in any treatment more than you need to believe in Pilates to have more core strength or understand yoga to become more flexible. It helps to have confidence in a process that it will move you towards your goals of balance, alignment and flow. It helps to trust that you self heal, self correct and reorganize naturally billions of times a second and our thinking minds often confuse and complicate the simplicity of health.


How do the lighter more gentle aspects of what you do have any influence?

The more physical adjustments help the physical structural aspects of care.
The gentle contacts help the more subtle behavioural aspects of care. Strong physical contact can cause an unconscious defensive reaction. The more gentle contacts help us self observe or develop an internal sense of our holding pattern so we can transform or have more choice in our pattern. More integrated methods often use lighter contact so we learn to recognize the energetic pattern and entrain to a different rhythm. Healing happens by a subtle shift to a new pattern or entraining to a new choice not by being forced to change. This would be similar to how we pick up other people’s habits or rhythms or physical attributes effortlessly by simply being around them.


How long do I need to keep going?

You have choices of how you use care at the office
If your goal for pain to go away then you can keep going as long as you want.
If your goal is for prevention of pain then it takes longer to break habitual patterns of structure and tension.
If your goal is to improve performance or function and accept pain as part of life then you can use care at this office as an ongoing practice like strength training or Pilates or Yoga.
If your goal is for wellness then you could use unlimited amount of reorganization to integrate the care into your life.


Do you need to have pain or a disease or an issue to make use of care in your office?

At times we simply want to get out of pain.
At times we may want to provide a measure of safety so we prevent relapse into pain or illness.
At times pain and the resulting suffering is highly motivating and provides the fuel to move through a process to achieve more balance integration, alignment and trust in our body.
At some point we become less motivated by moving away from pain and open to self awareness. self organizing, self healing, self evolving and compassionate towards our self.
At times we expand our perspective to becoming the change we want for the world.


So if we have an innate self healing or chi or vital force why do we need to have help?

Because we hold stress and it often stays in our bodies unconsciously.
Because illness and pain make us stronger, intuitive and less self centered.                                                                                                         Because illness and pain allow the universe to unfold as it is.